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Discover Hong Kong 2016 (Part 2)

Hey yes ! It's my Hong Kong blog part 2 and for who haven't read my part 1 that talk about Disneyland Hong Kong, you can read it here
Okay, in part 2 i will talk about my whole journey in Hong Kong for 7days 6nights long. I will tell you where i went , what i eat and of course where i stay and the review in my opinion. I went to HongKong in May 2016, the weather is not so cool anymore but it's in the middle to summer but also not to hot appeal to Bangkok and Indonesia weather because there're still a little windy. So in this kind of weather is more easy to bring clothes. Actually, everytime i go on a far trip is always had been planned a long ago before trip beacause everything will be cheapest (airplane ticket, hotel) and also you can plan a dream trip perfectly what you gonna do , but this HongKong trip is the most shortest so far , We decided to go in the mid month of March and go on beginning of the month in May, so it's just a 1month++ planned. But thank's God we still manage to planned a lot and found out the not too expensive airplanes  tickets to go. Before we go to HongKong we had ask a lot from peoples around us who had been there before and all of they respond are almost the same "wah, HongKong is a expensive country, the hotel, the food" haha.. But even that why not to give it a try , never try never know. ;) We are kind of people who save cost in traveling, YOU ! Yes you ! You need to know that, traveling is not always need to be rich. You just need to travel in budget.

From Batam, Indonesia To Singapore by ferry and trasit Flight departure from Singapore Changi Airport by Cathay Pacific Airways to Hong Kong , We get a cathay tickets with price around SGD245 (Around IDR.2.425.500) for round-trip (cathay do have meal serves, blanket, pillow and tv in all seat) , in this trip we don't take a budget flight because boyfie said he want a comfortable way for a 3h55m flight , so do me, it's quite long time in flight isn't. Beside, the price we get is also reasonable so why not.

Arrived in Hong Kong International Airport around 10.40am by 6.45am morning flight, the 1st thing to do after arrived is to get a SIM card. We get ours from 1010 store in  airport, come out from the arrival hall turn right and keep focus on the right the store will be there or maybe you get to see Mcdonald first, the 1010 store just opposite MCdonald. There will be 2 kinds of SIM card choices for tourist , one is for HongKong past only and the other choice is that you can use it in Macau too. But i will suggest just get the HongKong past is enough because it's more cheaper and another reason is you will have wifi everywhere in Macau, so lets just save the money. If you are missed a chance to buy a SIM card in airport, dont you worry, you also will be able to get it from all 1010, 7-eleven and circle-k in town.
If you are traveling in budget of course you need to take a public transportation to everywhere you had planned. So, get a HongKong Octopus card is really important and also the card can be used in many ways, you will know it later if you keep reading this post. You can get a octopus card right after you come out from the airport with exit sign to MTR , for tourist they will suggest you to get a card that can reverse, so the money that left in the card can be reverse any time you gonna leave Hong Kong. 

  • 1st day in Hong Kong, Wan Chai, Ladies Market, Mongkok.
We don't have any planned for our first day yet, so we decided to go to Hotel 1st to put our luggages so we can walk around. For the 1st 4nights we are staying in "Mei King Hotel" in Mongkok which we found in . Hotel Location in Flat 1710, 17/F, Sun Hing Building, 607, Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong. 
While we arrived actually we are quite shock the fisrt we step in the room, because it's so small, the small i mean is that the room only got a space for one to move and you can't even put your luggage right and open it freely and the toilet is so small till you even hard change your position and side, haha.. beside the small problem , the room actually is clean , got a free wifi and the location in Mongkok is also perfect, because Mongkok is where the famous Ladies market in Hongkong located, there also got a shopping mall, IT centre around. And this hotel is also the cheapest i found in Hong Kong. So actually i do suggest and recommend this for a backpackers and budget trip to stay there. 
After we come over the shock we decided to go Wan Chai to look around and having our lunch there in Famous "Joy Hing Roasted meat". by MTR from Mong Kok (Tsuen Wan Line) take 4 stops change to Admiralty (Island Line) and 1 more stop to Wan Chai.
Here we are in Wan Chai, look at that Hong Kong Tram, I like it! it's so cute :)

our lunch in the famous "Joy Hing Roasted Meat",  I can still remember the taste, this is really RECOMMEND to put in your list in Hong Kong, 
Location : Chong Hing Building, 265-267 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Dessert after lunch is always a must ! and or course you have to try Hong Kong waffle in Hong Kong, and i love this one by "Oddies Foodies", when i go it still located in Wan Chai but then the owner tell me that they will move soon to Central. so if you wanna try it you can try while you go to central.
 Current Location is : 45 Gough Street, Central District, Hong Kong.

our 1st day night is walking around "Ladies Market" in Mongkok near our Hotel.

"Hui Lau Shan" , one of my must drink list in Hong Kong and i really loves it , so i drink 2 times :)
Location : You will saw it while you walk around, it's got really many Hui Lau Shan in Hong Kong.

  • 2nd Day in Hong Kong, Big Buddha,NgongPing360, Hong Kong Observation Wheel and Symphony of light show. 

Having our Hong Kong Style Breakfast at "Kai Kee Restaurant" near Hotel we stay.
Location : G/F, 177-481 Portland Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong.

Taking MTR on our way to Ngongping 360 for our first Crystal cabin cable card experience :)
From Mongkok Station (Tsuen Wan Line) go straight 6 stops to Lai King Station and from Lai King Station change to Tung Chung Line and take 3 stops to the last station Tung Chung.

and yeah, we are here, it's crystal cabin cable car, actually not really scary if you just sit there but a little scary if you stand up and walk. haha, but at least must try once time :) it's a amazing experience.

the fisrt view you will see when you arrived and come out from the souvenir shop :)

Let's go there. up there :)
Here is windy and cold, our hairs already prove it through the picture. :)

step by step, go up stairs .

 it's so cloudly that day, the cloud won't go away, can't see the Buddha clear. it's ok, take a picture anyway.

and here i take a better picture of the big Buddha to show you :)

take a picture with this big fortune cat that been believe by Chinese people. Hope much much fortune come to me and family :)

I saw a "Honeymoon Dessert" ! so, why not to have some durian pancake as dessert. Happy tummy!
My Personal Photographer, Thankyou for taking a lot of nice pictures of me everytime, Love ya! 

Our 2nd day list is to see "Symphony of light Show" in night at "Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre" and because ot's still early so we sudden decide to walk around "Hong Kong Observation Wheel" first , So we from Ngongping go straight to Central :)
Location : 33 Man Kwong St, Central, Hong Kong, 
by MTR from Tung Chung go straight for 7 stops to Central.
"Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre"
Location :  1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
After watching a symphony of light show , i got a big dissapointed because it's so far from my expactation for how the show will look like and it got nothing actually suprising me. And i really DO NOT recommend this to a must do list in Hong Kong as my experience.

Dinner time by eating one of my must eat list "Butao Ramen", i like the soup.
Location : 69 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong.

Dessert after dinner, who don't love ice cream!? "Emack & Bolio's" ice cream shop.
Location : 26 Cochrane St, Central.

  • 3rd Day in Hong Kong, Disneyland Resort. More you can read it in my last post here

  • 4th Day in Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars, Dim Sum Icon, The Peak.
it's our 4th day in Hong Kong, one of my must eat list must be fulfil, it's no others but the famous and long queu everyday "Australia Dairy Company". why it's a must eat list i will tell you later and while we are still queuing, so this is my second time drinking Hui Lau Shan , because it just beside Austalia dairy .co :)

"Australia Dairy Company", When you arrived it's not hard to find where it's because you will always see the long queu outside, then, there must be australia dairy co. But please don't because the queu then you give up to try the breakfast here, maybe the queu is long but it quite fast , as many people know that Hong Kong people lifestyle is really fast so the customers here will leave as soon as they done. And the workers of the restaurant also really doing their job fast that may make you feel they are rude, but by my opinion actually they just accustomed with this kind of work way and the others reason is they really need to do it fast with that kind of long queu. The Uncle who serves us is nice, he do help us to ordering well and he can a liitle mandarin so we manage to communicated, but if you can't speak cantonese and mandarin, Ordering will be challanging, because they can't speak English or maybe just they don't want to.
 What make Australia Dairy Company is a must eat list. There is no others reason but they famous to die-for heavenly delicious scrambled egg , steamed milk and Milk tea. OMG , please take me back. Believe me, don't ever missed this out from your list in Hong Kong trip.
Location : 47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong.
by MTR from Mongkok station take 2 stops to Jordan station.

As what we had planned, after breakfast we are going to see the "Avenue of Stars" that should be located in "Victoria Harbour", but after arrived we found out that Avenue of Stars is closed for repair and improvement works, which are expected to be completed around the end of 2018. A selection of the Avenue of Stars exhibits is displayed at Garden of Stars and Starry Gallery in the meantime. So, we need to find our way to Garden of stars. Before we go, of course we need to take a picture with the breathtaking view behind me.
Nearest Station : Tsim Sha Tsui.

"Avenue of Stars" that meantime located in "Garden of Stars", there are alot of sign in the street to go Garden of stars from victoria harbour so it's not really hard to find the way here.
Location : 19 Chatham Rd S, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Lunch time in one of the restaurant that i curious for "Dim Sum Icon Hong Kong", actually i know this place is because the last time they X Gudetama themes that cuteness overload, but the date i went they already change the themes X Kobitos. and will be change to anothers themes again every 4 months. For who want to come Dim Sum Icon to give it a try , you must have a thought that you are come to play and enjoy the cuteness, if not actually the foods are just not bad and the price is quite expesinve for just a Dimsum, so the choice is up to yourself.
Location : B/F Century Square, 1 D'Aguilar St, Central. Hongkong. Nearest Station Central.

The last stop for day 4 is the peak, if you are also plan to go the peak please make a note that NEVER went there on Saturday night like us, you will have a really long and hot queuing, so make your date to there in week day and also will be better before night, so you can see the double view. For Octopus card holder please make sure you have enough money in the card for tram to the peak past, so you no need to waste more time in queuing for buying ticket becuase you can used it as a past.

View from top of the peak.

another long queu back home =.='

  •  5th and 6th Day, From Hong Kong to Macau, I will write more about Macau in my next post. Stay tune!

Back From Macau in day 6 evening, for the last night in Hong Kong we are staying at "Inn Hotel" that located in 60 Portland St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. This Hotel is our sudden booked hotel one day before, the room is much better than Mei King Hotel but the price also much more expensive, but just for one night and also our last night so we decide to choose for a more comfortable hotel. The location is near "Temple Street" and also "Ladies Market" in the other side. So at night we still manage to walk around.

  • 7th Day, Goodbye Hong Kong !
Having our last breakfast in "Tsui Wah Restaurant" near our hotel.
Location : G/F & 1/F, 17-19 Pak Hoi St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.

Wearing Hong Kong Disneyland 10th Anniversarry t-shirt we get from disney and back home !

Good Bye Hong Kong ! Hope to see you again in future.

For who are planning to go on a trip to Hong Kong, hope that this post about my Hong Kong journey do help some. The tips for searching where your destination located and which way to go, we used google map app and it do help a lot. So don't forget to download the app before your journey started.
And last that my review about Hong Kong is ... it's indeed like most peoples said Hong Kong is an expensive country to visit but if you just want to explore new place and be able to not shopping a lot of thing that actually you can buy in your own country (you should know what i mean) and stay in a budget hotel (which actually just for sleep and take a bath) Hong Kong is not a bad choices. 
So my last conclusion is, Hong Kong is worth to explore and visit as least once.

Thankyou for visit and read my blog.
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